Dare to be Remarkable…

You can choose courage or you can choose your comfort zone.  Courage is forward movement in the direction of your dream, despite fear. Take-A-Leap is about having the faith within yourself to face your fears, move past the obstacles that are in your path, and create a life you LOVE.

There is no set path, just follow your heart…


I have been the accidental “Knowledge Strategist” to clients & friends for years, sharing my education & experiences. My clients have told me for years I should be doing this! It all started as a creative outlet for me with my passion for Personal Development & Transformational Retreats in 2000. I had a severe car accident that changed my life forever. Personal development was part of rehab, and the retreats were for my sanity.  I fell in love with personal development. 14 years of retreats, watching so many of us evolve into new versions of ourselves that were happier, shinier and more authentic.  I was hooked.   With a passion for sharing & teaching it is my deepest desire to share my years of experiential knowledge with you & help you find your own inner glow so that you shine bright on the outside too!   The best way out is always thru….




“For a seed to achieve it’s greatest expression, it must come completely undone. It’s shell cracks, it’s insides come out & everything completely changes. To someone that doesn’t understand growth, it looks like total destruction.”  

We break down, so we can break thru…we leave the comfortable space and we push our boundaries so that we can become more of who we were meant to be. It is our duty to be the very best version of ourselves so that we can share our unique gifts with others and live from a complete place of grounded happiness. 



My goal is to help eliminate the overwhelm in the daily lives of people that want to reinvent themselves. I know you have a lot of balls in the air and they are all important. My goal is to help you be intentional about what you create, and help you discover your own unique gifts … because we all have them. I want to help you crush your goals, whatever they are! If you “Take-a-Leap” I know we can make your transformation a lasting one, if that’s what interests you.

Through Take-a-Leap, you are provided with a comprehensive framework to help you establish your new life. It is my intention to inspire, challenge, nudge & support you in your dreams while you grow a new career / business by helping you remove the obstacles that in your way.

What is holding you back?


You can either see Opportunities or Obstacles!

I invite you to say “NO WAY” to excuses! GROWTH is Uh-Mazing! You can either see OPPORTUNITIES or obstacles! Get your hustle on because life’s only constant is change! The world is changing.  If you want to keep up, you need to be willing to learn new ways of being… and everyone can live in joy if they choose. Everything is a choice. No one said it was easy, everything takes work! I am living proof that when you LOVE what you do, it isn’t work! It is fun, exhilarating and fills you with energy & joy.   I invite you to “Be the Change you Wish to See”because that is where the magic is!

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Dreams don’t happen because we dream them…They happen because we do something about them…Action is the antidote to fear…


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